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Our pheasant farm has more than 300.000 pheasants during the breeding season. The hatched one-day-old pheasant chicks are reared on our farm or sold on demand.


On our farms, we hatch and rear more than 40,000 mallards on our ponds, which we later sell on to our customers.

Hare export

Our main activity is the purchase and sale of live hares during the winter season. We manufacture the one-way hare crates for export in our wood factory.

Plastic accessories

Essential accessories for quality animal husbandry. Sale and supply of pheasant and partridge beak rings, shields, bits, and other accessories

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100% Care

We leave nothing to chance. The animals we breed are raised under controlled conditions at all times. We feed our animals with carefully selected feed that we grow ourselves.


As a complementary activity, we also sell pheasant and partridge rearing equipment.


We have a significant pheasant rearing activity with our cooperating hunting partners.

International export

From November to the end of January, we buy and sell live hares to the French and Italian markets. For this purpose, we manufacture the one-way hare transport crates for export in our wood factory.

Individual orders

We always keep our customers' needs in mind, and we try to meet all their different orders and requests to the maximum.

We are at home in the wood industry as well!

Hare Export Crate


Pheasant, Partridge, Mallard compartment

Our partners


VULPEX Ltd. is a prominent integrator in the production and distribution of domestic pheasant and mallard.

The one-day-old, pre-reared and adult birds produced by them have been in demand in Hungary and at foreign markets for decades because they represent top quality.

Based on the professional literature and practical experience recommendations, we have jointly developed a particular range of feeds adapted to the animals’ needs both in its content and its unique ingredients. This mixture greatly facilitates smooth rearing.

Our more than 15 years of cooperation as feed suppliers is proof that it is possible to work together successfully in the long term in such a demanding field.

Kálmán Bőcs