About Us

Our story

The company was founded in 1992 as a limited partnership, primarily to provide veterinary services and specialist advice on indoor pheasant rearing. From 1995 onwards the company’s main activity was commercial.

One-day-old pheasant chicks were imported from Czechia and Slovakia. Domestic pheasant sales and purchases were carried out according to market requirements. Initially, we farmed in Tiszanana, and in the early 2000s, we bought the pheasant farm of Mavad Zrt. in Gyomaendrőd. In the following years, we expanded both branches, where pheasant and mallard breeding became the main economic activity.

Every year between November and January, our company is engaged in purchasing live hares and their sale abroad.


Our site in Gyomaendrőd

At present, it is designed to keep 6000 pheasant hens. The eggs are hatched in our French Bretagne-type hatchery.

The expansion involves the cultivation of around 130 hectares of arable land. In this way, we produce the primary source of feed for the animals.

The farm also includes a 1-hectare pond for the laying of mallard hen stock and a hatchery built to incubate the breeding eggs produced.

Our farm in Tiszanána

In addition to the laying strain in Gyomaendrőd, the other branch of the company in Tiszanána rears one-day-old mallards up to 4 and 6 weeks of age.

According to market demand, we produce an annual average of 40 000-45 000 young mallards for our hunting partners.

After the mallard rearing cycle, we receive young pheasants in our net-covered aviaries for further keeping. The aim is to produce adult birds suitable for hunting. We rear around 15 000-20 000 birds in our pens.

We have a significant pheasant rearing activity with cooperating hunting companies and partners: 45 000 – 50 000 pheasants per year, depending on the market.