Flexi Spex Glasses

42 Ft (net), 53 Ft (incl VAT)

Flexi Spex Glasses.

Effective against cannibalism and egg eating.

The price is based on the minimum order quantity of 1000pcs.


Flexi Spex Glasses.

Introducing Flexi-Spex, the innovative solution for preventing feather pulling and pecking in adult birds. These spectacles are designed to restrict the bird’s frontal view, which helps to prevent aggressive behavior. They can be easily fitted to the bird’s beak using the nostril clips or the black plastic bit that can be inverted and placed into the beak. The Flexi-Spex can be fitted by hand as a two person job, or by using circlip pliers by one person.

Made from soft brown rubber with a black plastic bit, these spex are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear for the bird. They can be left in place for a maximum of two weeks to help break the pecking habit, after which they can be removed and the bird’s behavior should improve.

To fit the Flexi-Spex onto the top of the beak, simply place the black bit with the engraved “R” facing upwards. To fit it through the beak, place the black bit with the “R” facing downwards. These spex are a useful tool for any bird owner who is struggling to stop their bird from pulling and pecking at their feathers. Try Flexi-Spex today and see the difference it can make for your bird’s well-being.

The price is for 1pc. Minimum order quantity: 1000pcs