Beak shield

45 Ft (net), 57 Ft (incl VAT)

Beak shield with pin.

From 8 weeks of age.

Can be used for 2-3 seasons.

Replacement needle available separately.

The price is based on the minimum order quantity of 1000pcs.


Beak shield with a pin.

The anti-feather pecking beak shield is a must-have for any bird owner looking to promote healthy growth and development in their feathered friends. Recommended for birds from the age of 8 weeks, this beak shield helps to prevent feather pecking, a common behavior that can lead to damage and loss of plumage. The shield is easy to attach using a needle (sold separately), and it stays securely in place without interfering with feeding. With proper care, this beak shield can be used for 2-3 seasons, making it a cost-effective tool for keeping your bird healthy and happy.

The price is for 1pc. Minimum order quantity: 1000pcs

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