Foot ring (small)

35 Ft (net), 44 Ft (incl VAT)

Foot ring (small).

8 mm foot ring, recommended for partridges. ( Small size (8mm) pheasant foot ring here.)

Easy and quick fitting with the foot ring fitter.

Available in multiple colors!

The price is based on the minimum order quantity of 1000pcs.


Foot ring (small).

Our foot rings for partridges are a must-have for any bird owner. These rings are quick and easy to fit, thanks to the separately available foot ring fitting tool. Simply slide the ring onto your partridge’s foot and secure it in place with the fitting tool.

Our foot rings come in a variety of colours, so you can choose the one that best suits your partridge. Whether you prefer a bold and vibrant shade or a more subtle and neutral tone, we’ve got you covered.

Not only are these foot rings practical and easy to use, they also serve as a great way to identify and track your birds. Whether you’re breeding partridges for show or simply want to keep track of your birds in the wild, these foot rings are an essential tool.

So why wait? Add a set of foot rings to your collection today and take the first step towards better bird management.

The price is for 1pc. Minimum order quantity: 1000pcs